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General Questions

Why should I use

We have partnered with thousands of Global Top Retailers and Service Providers from big brand names such as,,, AVIS and many more.

Shop through, and earn up to 30% cash back at your favourite stores. How? Our stores pay us a fee when you shop. We then share the fee directly with you - it's just that simple.

Incredible deals don't end with cash back. We hunt down cut-rate coupons and exclusive offers plus amazing deals on hot products.

Best of all, we never charge a membership fee or require mail-in rebate forms. We just send you your cash to your PayPal account, no strings attached.

Will I ever have to pay to use the Membership?
Absolutely no.  We are a 100% free cashback website with no sign up fees. Please refer to our Membership Agreement for all Terms and Conditions.

How do I join
Join for free simply by giving us your email address. We need your address so we can contact you when you have earned cash back. If you no one referred you to our site please Sign-up here and get started earning cash back today.

CashBack Questions

Where does the cashback come from?
The cashback comes from  The retailers pay us commissions when we generating sales for them and we allocate a large part of this to you as cashback. 

I can’t understand why my cashback was tracked at €0 instead of the correct amount, please explain?
Certain industries, such as insurance can take up to several months to confirm a sale due to the amount of cashback involved and thus reducing fraud.  Travel companies may initially track at €0 when the booking is made, but once you have completed your stay, the retailer will update their records and the cashback amount will be automatically updated.

Why is cashback showing as Pending?
Answer: All transactions will initially arrive in your cashback account as pending.  Although the retailers have acknowledged these transactions, they are within the period where you could either return or cancel the product or service.  So until the return or cancellation period time frame is over they remain in pending status.

A simple example would be; you buy a product from Microsoft for €800 with a 2% cashback.  This is tracked usually within a couple of hours, but sometimes a couple of days.  Your pending cashback will show €16.  The return policy for this product is 60 days.  If you return the product within this period your pending cashback will be removed.  However, once this product has past its return period the retailer will release to us in the following month’s payment cycle at which point, we will change the €16 pending cashback to Available cashback.

Cashback on travel works slightly differently where the cashback will usually stay as pending until the month following your stay at which point it changes to Available cashback. E.g. you book a holiday for travel date in 9 month’s time.  The cashback will remain pending (and sometime showing as zero amount) until then as you will have the option to cancel your travel arrangements prior to departure.  Once you have completed you holiday your cashback will be moved to Available status.

What do you exactly mean by Available cashback?
Basically those transactions that have passed the pending stage as mentioned above.  You can withdraw Available cashback from your cashback account into PayPal account as long as you have reached the minimum withdrawal threshold of €50.


Will I still get the same cashback if I use a voucher code on your site?
Yes in majority of cases.  Most retailers will award the same amount of cashback if you use a voucher code.  However, some retailers may award a reduced amount of cashback if using a voucher code with some very few not awarding any.  Please see the Terms & Conditions of the store to look out for any reduced rate of cashback when using a voucher code.

How can I check my cashback?
This can be seen on the home page after your sign in or by going to the “CashBack” tab in your account.


How do I make sure that I am earning cash back?

Purchases you make at stores are only credited if you start your shopping session at and click to a store via an link. As much as we'd like to give you cash back even if you do not start shopping via an link, we have no way of proving you are our member to the store without your click.

If you click through and make a purchase, then surf elsewhere on the Web and return to that store and make a second purchase, your second purchase will not earn cash back reward. (You must click through a link every time you shop at a store site.) If you use multiple windows on your browser, the window in which you shop at the store must have come from an link. Also, while virtually all product purchases at the stores are eligible for cash back, there are a limited number of products that do not qualify for cash back. Exclusions for each shop are displayed in the shop ‘terms’. Some stores we work with have a one-session cookie. This means that you have to make the purchase/booking in one go and not leave the site (for another tab or site) before completing the purchase/booking. Doing this will risk you losing out on cash back.

The cashback will be tracked back and appear in your cashback account as pending status, usually within a couple of hours. However, some retailers can take up to 14 days, so please be patient.  The cashback remains in pending status until the returns period is over.  After which the retailer pays us the following month and your cashback status changes to ‘Available’.

Once you reach your minimum Available cashback withdrawal threshold of €50 you can request a free withdrawal into your PayPal account.  

I visited the retailer directly; can’t I just give you details of my purchase and receipt for cashback?
If you visited the retailer directly then unfortunately, we cannot award you the cashback you have missed unless you had the


My cashback has not appeared from a purchase I made, what should I do now?
It can take up to 14 days for your purchase to track from the retailer.  Though almost all transactions track correctly there are times when cashback can fail to be tracked correctly. 

If you have been waiting longer than 14 days, please submit a ‘cashback ticket’ in your account. Once you have given us the required details we will then contact the retailers on your behalf and try our best to get your missing cashback allocated to you.

What is the average time it will take to resolve a missing cashback enquiry?
Your cashback queries can take anywhere between 1 week to 3 months to resolve.  However, as soon as you submit your missing cashback ticket claim our support team will action this with the retailer and try to get your claim resolved as swiftly as possible.

What if the retailer rejects my cashback claim?
Unfortunately, the retailer has the final say as to decide on whether the missing cashback claim is a valid one.  Our support team will work extremely hard to get your missing cashback claim approved by the retailer as we only get paid if you do.

I believe I haven’t been paid the right amount of cashback?
Most retailers pay cash back only on the amount excluding VAT and delivery and not the gross total amount of the purchase.  Please see the ‘terms’ on the store page for the retailer on our website.  If you still believe that the right amount of cash back has not been given, please send us a support ticket with as many details as possible to help with the claim.


How can I reduce the chances of losing my cashback and why does this happen?
There are a number of reasons this can happen and methods you can use to reduce this such as.

Price Comparison Sites, if you used a price comparison site other than to find the product and go to the retailer site from that site, then come back to us using our links there is a chance that the commission will still be given to the price comparison site instead.  In which case we will not be able to pay you cashback. Therefore you should try not search for a product or service using a price comparison site other than’s own price comparison prior to completing your purchase, as you will run the risk of losing your cashback.

Voucher Codes, you should only copy voucher codes and offers which are listed on If you use another voucher code site you will risk of your cashback being given to that website.

Online Purchase, as we are purely based online if you see something on our website and buy it at the retailer in store or by telephone then we will not be able to accrue your cashback.

Browser Cookies and History and Pop-up Blockers, although majority of transactions will still go through it is good if you could try and clear your browser cookies and history and make sure cookies are enabled prior to visiting our website or going to the retailer via our website.  Please do NOT clear your browser cookies after you have arrived at the retailer website via our website as this can reduce your chances of the cashback being tracked.

Returns or Cancelled Orders, if you cancel or return your order your cashback will be declined or removed.

Don’t forget to login, although you think this might not happen it is amazing how many of our members forget to login before visiting the retailer website via

Payment Questions

How long will it take for me to receive my cashback from the time I make the purchase?
Once the purchase has passed its ‘Pending cashback’ stage, i.e. passed its refund/return stage it will move to ‘Available cashback’.  Depending on the type of purchase you have made and retailer this can be anywhere been 1-4 months, or in travel bookings scenarios the month after your travel date, so please be patient. 

How will I receive payment and what are the terms?
When you reach the minimum amount of €50 in ‘Available cashback’ you can request a withdrawal from your account. Please remember that only ‘Available cashback’ can be withdrawn.  ‘Pending cashback’ cannot be paid until we receive payment from the retailers.

Our payments are made free of charge to your PayPal account.

All cashback withdrawal requests and payments are generally processed on the 2nd of the month. There is however a minimum of one month following the month in which the request was made. For example; if you request a cash out payment on any day of the month of February, your payment will be processed on 2nd of April depending on the type of method you have chosen it can take between 1-3 working days for your payment to be credited to your account after the 2nd of that month.  The reason for this delay between cash out payment request and processing time is the retailers pay us your cashback the following month after which your cashback is Available, and this reduces the chances of fraudulent activity on our site.

You can change your payment method at anytime by visiting my account section and payment settings.


Links & Tracking Questions

Links to the retailers are not working?
Whenever you see the message ‘Name, you are on your way to earning…’ it is the confirmation that you are on the way of getting cashback.

In other cases it could be that your browser is not configured to the correct settings.  Please try on a different browser or different computer. 

If this does not work please submit a ticket to our support team who will deal with the matter as swiftly as possible.  Give as much detail as possible, for example which links are not working and your browser version.


What are Cookies in computing terms?
A cookie basically stores information about your purchase in the browser, and will provide tracking information for the retailer which to use when crediting your cashback account.


What happens if I have a CashBack add-on installed from another cashback company?

You need to disable it:
Chrome: To disable an add-on, right click on the Add-On, click “Manage”, and then uncheck the “enabled” box for this Add-On. To remove an Add-On, right click on the Button and click “Remove from Chrome”.

Safari: To disable an add-on, click on “preferences” and navigate to the “extensions” tab. Then uncheck the “Enable” box beside the Add-on. To remove an Add-on, click on “preferences” and navigate to the “extensions” tab. Then click the “uninstall” add-on.

Firefox: To disable an add-on, go to Tools > Add-ons > Select the add-on and click "Disable". To remove an Add-on, select "Remove" in the same list.